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Alojamiento Rural Tajo Internacional - Rocks, mountains, hills, and mountain, lakes, fields undulate with a cascade of wild flowers in spring, stone walls... Welcome to Extremadura and one of the most amazing natures can be found in Europa.Apartamento rural with capacity for 5 people. The complete accommodation for rent.It consists of 3 bedrooms, kitchen, living room and bathroom. Suitable accommodation for families and groups of friends who want to enjoy our wonderful surroundings and the fauna and flora that it offers.The room with many other activities that Carbajo offers, such as hiking, bike rides, fishing, hunting, mushrooms and the tasting of our famous products such as cheese, oil can supplement and the mielNuestros hotels are located in the town of Carbajo (Cáceres) and belonging to the international Tagus Park areas. Center of the protected space and natural park are in full sierra de San Pedro Tagus international, also as an important area of special protection for birds (ZEPA). Of special interest for their important ecological value due to the large concentration of threatened species and endangered as it is the case of the Imperial Eagle and Iberian lynx, Black Vulture, black stork. It is an ornithological paradise with more species of birds across the four existing ecosystems in turn: 1. mountains and forests, 2. Dehesa, 3. River and creeks, and finally 4. Core were urban, and orchards
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c/ la constituciòn 13 - Carbajo - 'SAN PEDRO-LOS BALDIOS' - (Cáceres) - carbajo@tajointernacional.com - 626956983-
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